About Community Outreach

One of the many goals of Chamber Music | OC is to make the benefits of music more accessible and approachable for the entire community. We offer a range of programs to community organizations and work together to meet the individual needs of each community partner. Our single- and multi-session workshops are designed to give participants the opportunity to enjoy and learn about how music can positively affect our emotional state. The workshops promote educational interactions through live music and are presented in a comfortable and safe environment. The performances will feature the world-class musicians of Chamber Music | OC, as well as members of the Young Artist Program who are dedicated to bringing live classical music to audiences who might not otherwise have access to such events. Our goal is to develop and nurture meaningful relationships with community partners so that we can regularly bring these programs to people in need.

“Being able to give back to the community that supports Chamber Music | OC is very important to us. The benefits of music are far-reaching. The Community Outreach department is dedicated to connecting with various organizations in our community including hospitals, women’s shelters, and adult care facilities.  We work closely with each organization to develop and implement music workshops that will be most beneficial to the specific needs of each.”

Programs Offered

The following examples demonstrate the range of programs offered by Chamber Music | OC’s Community Outreach Department. This list is not comprehensive, and programs may be adjusted based on the needs of individual organizations. Workshops and performances can be presented individually or as a series.

  • Exploring Sound Workshop Series
    • Listening & Responding: Where is music present in our lives and how does it influence our emotions?
    • Exploring Musical Structure: How can listening to music be like reading a story?
    • Discovering Musical Elements: What tools do composers use when writing music?
    • Musical Conversation: How can we communicate emotions through music with no words?
  • Master Classes by Principal Artists
    • For organizations with students learning musical instruments
  • Young Artist Symposium
    • Performance by select Young Artist Program participants
    • Q&A session in which Young Artists discuss their musical experiences
  • Eurhythmics Workshop Series
    • Introducing the concept of using the body for rhythmic expression
    • Team rhythm exercises
    • Organizing and separating our mental and physical reactions to rhythm
    • Rhythmic dictation and conducting
  • Performances by Principal and Young Artists
    • Featuring varied and audience-friendly repertoire
    • Interactive and educational in an informal and fun environment
    • Listeners learn about the pieces, composers, and performers

Interested in Partnering with Chamber Music | OC?

If you are involved with or know of a community organization that could benefit from a partnership with Chamber Music | OC, please contact Michelle Gasworth, Director of Community Outreach, at michelle@chambermusicoc.org for more details.


“Thank you for such a great musical experience!  The participants [at Irvine Adult Day Health Services] enjoyed you tremendously. Participants who normally don’t sit for extended periods of time sat through your entire performance and enjoyed it very much.  Also, one of our participants that does not communicate very often, was one of the participants who documented how the music felt to him.  Another participant’s family was thrilled to hear how he recognized the composers as you played the songs.  Again, thank you for sharing your talent and kindness!  It is such a pleasure having you visit and share such wonderful music!”
Wendy G, Activities Coordinator at Irvine Adult Day Health Services
“For the past few months I have had the pleasure of introducing the clients we serve to Chamber Music | OC. As our clients are victims of domestic violence, they often have unbalanced emotions and a difficult time self soothing. I have seen tremendous growth in the clients we help and a decrease in negative behaviors due to what the kids have learned from the workshops led by Michelle. I hope that we can continue this collaboration so that we can help put an end to violence and provide safety, healing, and a way forward.”
Andrew M, Children’s Program Coordinator at Shelter for Victims of Domestic Violence